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Abdominoplasty is also known as tummy tuck. It is a cosmetic procedure which is used to make abdomen flat, firmer and thinner. In this procedure, extra skin is removed and fat is removed from middle and lower abdomen to tighten fascia and muscle.

This procedure is successfully done when you have stable weight, having no weight fluctuations and when you are physically healthy. Expectations from this procedure should be realistic and smoking should be avoided after going through abdominoplasty.

How Is Abdominoplasty Done?

There are two main procedures of carrying out abdominoplasty, which are listed below:

Complete Abdominoplasty:

Complete abdominoplasty is done in about 1-5 hours. It is also known as full abdominoplasty. In this procedure, an incision is given from hip to hip above pubic area, skin is detached from abdominal wall in order to expose fascia and muscles to be tautened. After this liposuction is performed for refining transition zones of the abdomen. Proper dressing is done after procedure, compression bandage is applied and a drain is placed in order to collect any excess fluid.

Partial Abdominoplasty:

Partial abdominoplasty is usually done in 1-2 hours. A smaller incision is made in this procedure, fat and skin from lower abdomen are removed from muscle fascia and extra skin is removed by stretching it down. For contouring transition zone, liposuction is performed in the end and dressing is done.

Apart from these procedures, there are various other methods of performing abdominoplasty. You should have a detailed discussion with your plastic surgeon before opting for any one of those procedures.

Best Candidates for Abdominoplasty:

Tummy tuck is usually suitable for people who are fit physically. Women who had undergone various pregnancies and they think their skin has become laxer, they could opt for this procedure to lighten up their muscles and also for reducing loose skin. Men or women who were once fat and they still have extra deposition of fat or loose skin around their bellies, they should also go for this procedure to tone up their body. It helps in tightening skin, removing extra fat or skin and flattening abdomen.

Things to Remember:

Abdominoplasty is not an idyllic exercise schedule or weight loss standby. It denotes to reshape your abdomen and giving you a motivation to obtain healthier life style. Any sort of stretch marks could not be treated with this procedure. Stretch marks could only be removed or improved if they are present on the area where there is extra skin, usually below the belly button.

How to Get Ready for Abdominoplasty:

Utmost important thing is to consult a good plastic surgeon and have a detailed discussion with him. Tell him what exactly you want, ask him about the risk factors and advantages. Smoking is usually prohibited some weeks prior to surgery and even after it for a while.

After completion of surgery, proper dressing is done and drain tubes are attached underneath skin for a couple of days for draining of any excess fluid. The bandage which is applied is firm which helps in improvising healing.

Any abdominal support should be used for a couple of days in the form of a belt, after this procedure, as it eases the discomfort.

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