Butt Reshaping

Butt reshaping is an esthetic surgery and can be done by different methods.
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Butt Reshaping


It is an esthetic surgery which could be done by various procedures. For enhancing buttocks of patients, buttock implants, buttock lifting, transplantation of fat and liposuction could be done. Buttock reshaping actually refers to reshaping of entire flanks, back, thigh and hips. Remodeling of buttock is done with reshaping of thighs and back as well. As this procedure is related to contours of body, it could change both physical and psychological health of an individual.

Muscles of buttock are responsible for stability and gait. Procedures on buttocks should be carried out after complete understanding and assessing the difficulty of the structure. Patients should be aware of the risks of procedure and should have a detailed discussion with their surgeon before opting for the specific procedure.

Best Candidates for Butt Reshaping:

Patients who suffer from traumatic buttock injuries or contour deformities will probably require these procedures by either using autologous flap of tissues or by using fat injections. Patients who undergo weight loss, they also require these procedures for reshaping their flat buttock.


Gluteal Implants:

This is the most effective procedure for enlargement of buttocks, especially of those whose body has stores of excessive adipose fat in lower port of buttocks, thighs and trunk. Patient is usually anesthetized or sedated before carrying out this procedure. A midline incision is given and gluteal implants are placed under each gluteus maximus muscle. Usual time of this procedure is of around two hours.


Contouring and augmentation of buttock is done with the help of autologous-fat transfer which is known as Lipoinjection. Excessive fat is extracted from thighs, flanks and abdomen of the patient. This harvested fat is then injected into the areas which require reshaping, such as the buttocks. As patientís own fat is used in this procedure, there is no possibility of tissue rejection.

Body Contouring:

Rearranging, reshaping and augmentation of the buttocks is done by combining gluteoplasty method of surgery and liposuction. Men and women who has undergone massive weight loss, such combined procedure is very feasible.

Planning Posterior Re-Contouring Surgery:

Hip contouring is usually done with the help of liposuction for contouring lower back, outer thigh and hips for projecting better shape for buttocks, it also helpful in reducing the size of buttocks. Infra-gluteal buttocks crease is created by the surgeon for lifting the shape of your buttocks and also for enhancing the look of your buttocks.

Patients who do not have enough body fat to be used for augmentation, solid silicone buttocks or implants are used in those patients. They are placed under gluteal muscles but there is a great complication rate for such implants. Therefore, contouring is preferred over using implants.

Outcome of Butt Reshaping:

After undergoing buttock reshaping surgery from Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan, long lasting and magnificent results are promised. Add definition and volume to your buttock by getting butt reshaping surgery, as it could significantly improve the look and feel of buttock. Contouring and tautening are also possible by getting this surgery from our experts.

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