Eye Drop/Ptosis Surgery

Ptosis can be termed as a condition in which either the upper or lower eyelid of the patient tends to droop
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Eye Drop/Ptosis Surgery


Ptosis is a condition in which either the upper or lower eyelid of patient tends to droop.
Ptosis is drooping of the eyelid which makes it look as if the eye is closed. This disorder is also known as ‘lazy eyes’ because it refers to worn out descending muscles of an eye which either partially or completely slides over the pupil. If eye drop is left untreated for a long time, it might result in various other chronic eye disorders like astigmatism or amblyopia. To prevent chronic eye problems, surgery should be performed which could treat drooping eyelid very effectively.

What is Blepharoptosis?

Another name for ptosis surgery is Blepharoptosis. Blepharoplasty refers to eye lift surgery which is the cosmetic procedure for uplifting the drooping eyelid, in order to improvise the look around the eye for puffy eye bags or excess upper eyelid skin.

Causes of Ptosis:

Ptosis could result from any trauma during birth as a result of developmental defect in the levator muscle. Acquired or adult ptosis is related to wasting or detachment of levator tendon which is termed as ‘levator aponeurosis’.

Ptosis could also result from any trauma after eye swelling or could also be caused due to any neurological condition such as Horner’s syndrome, myasthenia gravis or oculomotor nerve palsy.

Symptoms of Ptosis:
There are some symptoms which are associated to drooping of an eye, some of them are as follows:
  • Impaired vision
  • Complete or partial drooping of eyelid
  • Lac of elasticity is tissues
  • Compromised cosmetic appearance
  • Increased heaviness of the eyelid
  • Tilting of head to see better
  • Headache due to forehead muscle strain and eyestrain
  • Constant raising of the eyebrow to lift the eyelid

Best Candidates for Ptosis Repair:

People who have drooping eyelid, compromising their vision, should definitely opt for this surgery. In children, aggressive management is needed to allow vision to develop normally.

For those who are concerned with asymmetry, it is really important to note that symmetry is not only related to soft tissues of the eyelid such as levator muscle an d skin, but also to natural underlying bone structure.

Treating Eye Drop/Ptosis:

The best way to get rid of ptosis is surgery. Under the guidance of well experienced and professional surgeon, tightening of eye muscle is done so that you could get better vision and appearance of an image could improvise.

Blepharoptosis is one of the most challenging surgeries done and the goal of this surgery to recreate perfect anatomic result by creating lid fold or uplifting the position of eyelid. Special attention is given to symmetry and contour of the eyelids, by the surgeon performing this surgery.

Surgery of ptosis is a highly specialized procedure as it involves working with very delicate levator muscles which raises and lowers upper eyelid, therefore, choosing the right surgeon is very important.

This surgery makes eyelids appear to be well adjusted and balanced. You should consult a skilled surgeon for this undergoing this surgery. A detailed discussion with your surgeon is recommended before opting for the type of surgery.

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