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Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is also known as fat injection. In this procedure, fat is harvested from areas having excess fat like outer thighs and is injected into areas which lack volume, like your hands, buttocks, breasts or face. It is one of the newest and most popular methods of plastic surgery done now a days. If certain area of your body has less fat such as in face, cheeks, buttock, breast or feet, this method could add augmentation and balance in right proportion. Fat grafting might be required for a couple of times to get the desired result.

Best Candidates for Fat Grafting:

For augmenting deficient areas of body, people undergo fat grafting. With combination of liposuction, fat grafting is done in areas where there is depression of skin. For obtaining great deal of benefit from this procedure, candidate should be in good physical health. You should inform your surgeon beforehand if you have episodes of swelling or excessive bleeding in any other surgical processes. Fat grafting is also used for reconstruction of breast, for hiding obvious signs of breast implants and also to fill in contour irregularities. Sunken and creased facial areas are also corrected by this procedure. Lifestyle and proportion of body also needs to be taken under consideration when selecting for this surgery.

Procedure :

First of all, patients have to go through pre-surgical evaluation. Plastic surgeon is consulted and a detailed discussion is done with the surgeon. Based on patient ongoing disease, background history and lifestyle, it is important for the surgeon to determine patient preference for anesthesia and the type of procedure. The entire procedure of fat grafting could be divided into three main steps which are as follows:

  • Harvesting: Removal of fat is done in this step, from the donor area.
  • Transfer and Purification: Purification is done by the process of centrifugation and then transferred to recipient area.
  • Placement: In this step, the area which is supposed to receive the graft, will be prepared by injecting cannula or needle into the point of incision. After surgery is done, surgeon places bandage or dressing over the grafter area.

In this method, a suction tube is utilized to harvest fat cells from donor area and then they are injected in the area which requires augmentation. These fat cells are purified and processed before using it so make acceptable outline. Usually local anesthesia is utilized for this procedure.

Complications of Fat Grafting :

Fat grafti8ng is one of the best procedures of adding volume and fat in areas which are deficient of fat. However, there are certain risks and complications of this procedure which should be taken care of before and after going through fat grafting. Some of the complications of fat grafting are listed below:

  • Numbness and bruise
  • Swelling of affected areas
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Blood clot

Recovery and Aftercare :

Patient should ask the doctor about postsurgical care. Information should be inquired regarding normal symptoms which would be experienced by the patient, any potential signs of complications and drains. Swelling and bruising might occur during the first week but then gradually towards the end of third week, you begin to look more like yourself.

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