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Pigmentation Laser

Pigmentation in the skin, often known as sun spots, are the brown patches, marks or splotches as a result of trauma, medications, hormonal imbalances, overproduction of the compound melanin, which is a dark pigment which can be found in the skin.

Sometimes it is caused by sun damage and other times it is the result of skin inflammation as a result of injury. Regardless of the cause, treatments for epidermal pigmentation typically focus on either removing the upper layers of skin or removing the excess pigment.

Cooper being an internationally renowned brand who takes pride in their quality work and offers the laser technology and pulsed light systems which are used worldwide to treat pigmentation and sun damage.

6-8 sessions of pigmentation laser are required in order to get the desired results, other than that we offer different treatments and solutions like mesotherapy, peels, plasma treatments, platelet and vitamin infusion to lighten your spots in minimal amount of time

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